Your Future Money

Lately, there has been much of talk of paper money becoming obsolete. Sound crazy? Maybe not.  With over 80% of the world population using mobile phones, and the increased popularity of smartphones, more business transactions are occurring  with our phones then with credit/debit cards and cash. Just a few days ago, PayPal, once just used to be an easier way to pay online, but has now expanded to retail stores with the ability to use your PayPal account to pay at the register.   PayPal hopes  more and more consumers will  choose to pay with their PayPal account via  mobile phones by next year. Google Wallet, is also another option.   Just by scanning your phone, you can make automatic, safe/secure purchases. Not just paying, but coupons, promotions, scanning, and more you are now able to do with your mobile phone. Do you like the idea? Email me at and you can be featured on the blog! Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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